About & Purpose

RecoveryAudio.org was launched in February 2014 by an ordinary alcoholic with a web development background for the following purposes:

  • Have a categorized and searchable database of AA speaker tapes so that we can find and immediately listen to a relevant recovery message anywhere, anytime, and on any platform (especially mobile devices);
  • Allow summaries/tagging of speaker tapes (especially Uncategorized Tapes) so that site visitors can participate in continued categorization of recordings, building greater content depth over time;
  • Provide a fellow alcoholic an opportunity to use his skills to do some helpful service.

You can greatly help spread the message by adding a tape summary and tag list on a speaker tape – those keyword-rich comments help me better organize the database by tag/keyword, as well as help visitors find tapes via simple Google searches.  This is a 1-person operation, so the help of the community is needed to give each tape some descriptive information and encourage others to listen to it 🙂

Your constructive feedback is needed and appreciated – if you have ideas on how you might like to see tapes categorized/displayed or anything you think would add to your user experience, please let me know!!