About Advertising

May 2017

Hi Folks,

First, I have discussed the issue of selling ads on the site with my sponsor. He agrees that it is appropriate and necessary.

The math is simple. Since being built in 2014, donations had been covering only 32% of site monthly operating costs.  This does not include the substantial initial developer costs and routine developer maintenance costs that continue on an almost monthly basis.

Operating costs have gone up both May and June 2017  to fund:

  • hiring a WordPress system administrator and developer for necessary upgrades (the site’s stable functionality and its networking need pro help);
  • upgraded secure hosting and database servers, 2 CDN’s for the fastest delivery worldwide, a media server, and a staging/testing server (so I don’t break things on the live site, which I’ve had a habit of doing).
  • Security for protecting the site from insane amounts of daily hacking attempts (2 were quite successful, brought the site to its knees and it was banned by google, and took $$$ and months to recover from);
  • Redesigned theme (desperately needed for security and better user experience).

The site needs to fund itself, and I need to try and get paid back (someday?). The community didn’t support it, so I’m hoping advertisers will.