Step 1-12 Speakers

All our efforts to help alcoholics anonymous are ongoing, including tapes, audio and speakers through which we help our loved ones who are stuck in the alcohol or addicted to drugs. The most important of this is that our 1-12 step shows fights against (AA) alcoholic anonymous these steps also provide a platform to allow someone to begin the process of recuperation. Different steps of AA will have impact in a different way and we need to understand. So our collection and Album of AA steps includes as following

  • Step 1-integration
  • Step 2-Management
  • Step 3-eligibility
  • Step 4-Autonomy
  • Step 5-carring the message
  • Step 6-self supporting
  • Step 7-giving it way
  • Step 8-planing
  • Step 9-outside opinion
  • Step 10-public relation
  • Step 11-anonomity
  • Step 12-outside Enterprises

These 12 traditions takes work and commitment as you or someone you care about takes the journey toward lasting recovery.

So you will find the best compilation and tapes of Sandy Beach (Sandy B), Chris R, Joe and Charlie. Listen to these best speakers of Alcoholics Anonymous and share it with your friends.